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[ 10 Ways to Make Your Big Game Party Greener ]

  1. Avoid sending paper invitations. Use e-mail, the phone, or an online service like evite.com
  2. Keep the decorations to a minimum. Make sure you recycle them.
  3. Serve food on reusable plates. Use mugs instead of throw-away cups. It is greener to wash and reuse than to throw everything away.
  4. Try using real forks, spoons, and knives instead of plastic ones. Quality of food service goes up and waste goes down..
  5. If you are using disposable items, pick things that can be recycled.  Recycle cans and bottles. Sett out recycle bins for your guests to toss their cans and plastic bottles. Set up a separate bin for glass as well. (Living Green and Saving Energy)
  6. Eco-friendly party host might also consider serving fresh fruits and vegetables to munch on such as non-store bought vegetable tray containing finger foods such as carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. along with a hand made dip made using fresh ingredients.
  7. Beer is on the menu find some organic brews distributed near you. If you are having a large party, think about renting a keg or growlers (a half gallon). Use washable cups/mugs, or eco-friendly plastic cups you can recycle. Brown glass doesn’t recycle as well as clear glass. Something to think about when getting beer. (Organic beer & Wine 411)
  8. Go with organic snack foods . If organic chips are too expensive or you just have to have your Lays potato chips, save the packaging and send it to Terracycle. Terracycle is a company that makes products out of consumer waste like chip bags, Capri Sun pouches and candy wrappers. A Capri Sun pouch or Lays Chips bag that you would ordinarily just throw away is worth 2 cents to schools. (voices.yahoo.)
  9. Grilling- Avoid lighter fluids and self-lighting charcoal These can emit smog-forming volatile organic compounds into the air. Instead use a charcoal chimney, an electric charcoal starter or even try a newer option, the Flame Disk. If you must use lighter fluids try a petroleum free charcoal starter. This odorless fluid made from ethanol will help start your grill and is better than smoke created from petroleum. You can find some at www.realgoods.com. Choose natural charcoals or lump charcoal made from furniture scraps and waste wood without additives and binders. Other choices include Cowboy Charcoal and environmentally certified wood briquettes. These burn cleaner and reduce your pollution. Switch to gas. Gas grills are much more energy efficient than charcoal grills and produce far less pollutants. A study by the Environmental Sciences Division of the Department of Energy compared the carbon output of gas, charcoal and electric powered grills when producing 35,000 Btu’s per hour. The conclusions showed that gas produced 5.6 pounds of carbon dioxide each hour, compared to 11 pounds for charcoal and 15 pounds for electric. Try Natural Gas. Many grills have a natural gas option. Natural gas burns much cleaner than propane grills and is cleaner than propane. (examiner)
  10. If choosing 100% organic isn’t an option, consult the “Dirty Dozen (PDF)” list of foods that carry the highest pesticide loads and don’t worry about the rest. Whenever possible, meat and dairy products should also be organic.

For these popular Super Bowl party foods, consider making the following ingredients organic:

  • Nachos: Corn chips, bell peppers, cheese
  • Pizza: Cheese, meat, bell peppers
  • Hot dogs: Meat, cheese (or go veggie with non-meat options)
  • Chili: Meat, cheese or go veggie using beans
  • Veggies (for dipping): Celery, carrots, bell peppers
  • Chips: Corn, potato

(Earth Eats)


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