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Green Stuff Happening Locally!

1Thing Charity of the Month Wolf River Conservancy

Wolf River Greenway

The Wolf River runs through a large section of west Tennessee and northern Mississippi including a large portion of the Memphis area. Since 1985, the non-profit Wolf River Conservancy has worked tirelessly to beautify and protect the river and the land surrounding it through cleanup projects, education, activities, and more.

“The Wolf River Conservancy is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the Wolf River corridor and watershed as a sustainable natural resource.”

The Wolf River Conservancy provides education and assistance to landowners seeking to protect their property in the Wolf River watershed. It has helped create the Wolf River Greenway, a 10-foot wide, 30-mile, non-motorized pathway that will connect neighborhoods from downtown Memphis through Collierville, Tenn., once complete.

Wolf River Conservancy volunteers regularly give lectures and conduct nature walks to educate students, church groups, civic groups, and other community members about the important role the Wolf River plays in their environment. Volunteers also work to educate government officials about how their actions affect this important natural resource and area residents. And then there’s all the fun the Wolf River provides. The Wolf River Conservancy plans a variety of activities including nature hikes and canoe trips that allow residents to experience the beauty and the fun of the area.

Much more information is available through their very informative website at wolfriver.org.