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[1THING] Blog: Archive for May, 2011

[ Environmentally Friendly Winemaking ]

Although the following location is roughly 150 miles away from Sacramento, this place is near and dear to my heart as a favorite wine tasting destination. It isn’t just the scenic drive and great tasting wine that attracted me to Mendocino, California. This region leads the way with organic viticulture- by 2005 at least 25 percent of the county’s grapes were certified organic as opposed to 5 percent in the rest of California. In order to be certified organic, US wine estates have to keep strict limitations on the use of chemicals. Wineries in this region follow sustainable practices that include using natural fertilizer, cover crops, solar power, water recycling, and releasing millions of ladybugs as a natural way of controlling aphids and other pests. In my opinion, organic grapes make better tasting wine.

Here is a list of the top 10 Sustainably Farmed or Organic Wines

  1. Fetzer: Bonterra (Mendocino)- http://www.bonterra.com/
  2. Lemelson Vineyards (Oregon)- http://www.lemelsonvineyards.com/
  3. Spottswoode (Napa Valley)
  4. Frog’s Leap (Napa Valley)- http://www.frogsleap.com/
  5. Gallo of Sonoma (Sonoma)- http://www.gallosonoma.com/
  6. Handley Cellars (Mendocino)- http://www.handleycellars.com/
  7. Viader Vineyards (Napa Valley)- http://www.viader.com/
  8. Heller Monterrey (Carmel Valley)- http://www.hellerestate.com/
  9. Coturri (Sonoma)- http://www.coturriwinery.com/
  10. Rubicon Estate: Niebaum-Coppola (Napa Valley)- http://www.rubiconestate.com/