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Interior emails reveal monument reduction was for oil, gas and mining

Kate Mackay

Highlights of Zinke’s low points in year one as In(f)erior Secretary

Michael Reinemer

Most Americans see right through Zinke’s fake-cowboy, fake-conservationist act.  Instead of protecting America’s land and waters, Zinke and Trump are selling out the nation’s public lands to polluters and the fossil fuel interests. 

The energy reality behind Cape Town’s water crisis – and why the U.S. should care

Cape Town’s Day Zero has been making headlines worldwide, but nobody’s talking about the energy-water nexus or its role in the drought.


Mile By Mile: Ten Years of Legacy Roads and Trails Success

Mar 1, 2018

Opposition letters to Tongass Rider

Feb 26, 2018

Opposition letters 

A court victory implements methane waste prevention, but Zinke’s deregulation proposal looms

The agency had suspended the 2016 rule, meant to cut the waste of natural gas on public lands created by venting, flaring and accidental leaks, in January 2017 following the orders of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

However, the battle over regulating methane is not over.


District court reverses Interior’s suspension of BLM Methane Rule

Alex Thompson

Late last night a U.S. District Court in California reversed the Interior Department’s suspension of the Bureau of Land Management’s Methane Waste Prevention Rule, noting that the agency failed to justify its decision to postpone core provisions of the rule.


New fossil discoveries show paleontology depends on protecting places like Bears Ears

Paleontologists say that their work studying the history of life on earth, including a recent discovery in former Bears Ears National Monument, is jeopardized by policies that strip away protections for public lands.

Major fossil cache found on lands cut from Bears Ears National Monument

Jennifer Dickson

** See images at end of release


4 ways Trump’s infrastructure plan puts Americans at risk

This plan has very little to do with infrastructure – and everything with gutting environmental laws and ignoring risk.