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Green Stuff Happening Locally!

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Did you know that the City of Roseville Environmental Utilities will make Water-Wise house calls?

1Thing Sacramento and the City of Roseville Environmental Utilities have partnered to remind you to fix leaky faucets and running toilets. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, leaks can account for 10,000 gallons of water wasted in the home every year. That is enough water to fill a backyard swimming pool.

Water Efficiency Tips Inside & Outside

Bathroom Tips: Be water smart! Do not let the water run while washing your hands, shaving, or brushing your teeth. Allowing water to run continuously out of the faucet can use as much five gallons of water a minute.

Kitchen Tips: Don’t use running water to thaw frozen food or to clean vegetables. Instead, use a partially filled sink of clean water. When you are done, use the rinse water to water your house plants.

Laundry Room Tips: When washing clothes, wash full loads or use the water level adjustment to regulate the amount of water needed. If your machine doesn’t permit you to set load size, wait until you have a full load before washing clothes.

Lawn Tips: If plants and shrubs are being irrigated by an overhead sprinkler, convert to a drip system to save water and get water directly to the root zone and reduce weeds. Drip systems slowly emit 1/4 to 2 gallons of water pert hour rather than 1/2 to 2 gallons of water per minute and overhead sprinkler puts out.

Don’t have time to do it yourself? Call the City of Roseville Environmental Utilities today to schedule a free Water Wise House Call. When you make a weekday appointment, their water-use specialists will come to your home and analyze your indoor and outdoor water use.

Click here to get information on the City of Roseville’s water rebates for businesses as well as their Cash for Grass program.


[ 1Thing Sacramento Tip of the Day: Live Sewer Smart ]

Did you know that the City of Roseville Environmental Utilities makes it easy to get rid your household fats, oils and grease by picking it up for free right at your doorstep?

1Thing Sacramento and the City of Roseville Environmental Utilities have partnered to remind you to never put fats, oils or grease down your sink. Common fats, oils and grease found in kitchens include cooking oils, salad dressings and sandwich spreads, meat juices and fat. When improperly disposed, these substances can have negative effects on a home’s plumbing creating blockages, which in turn will cause the sewer to back up through sinks, drains and toilets. The end result can be a major headache for the homeowner.

Whether you’re a business that generates fats, oils and grease or a resident of Roseville, you’re encouraged to do your part to help prevent sewer blockages. Doing so will benefit your home, your pocketbook and your community. In many cases, damage in residences caused by sewer back-ups is not covered by homeowners or renters insurance.  It also minimizes repair work by the city which helps to keep your sewer utility rates low.

Watch this YouTube video and live sewer smart!


[ 1Thing Sacramento Tip of the Day: Recycling ]

Did you know there’s a way to get your beverage container recycling refunds on a per-container basis instead of by weight?

1THING Sacramento and the City of Roseville Environmental Utilities have partnered to remind you to recycle your bottles and cans. According to CalRecycle, Californians bought more than 20 billion carbonated and noncarbonated CRV-eligible drinks in aluminum, glass, plastic and bi-metal containers in 2011.

If parents recycle, allow kids to sort. Families that recycle together stay together! If mom and dad recycle, ask if the kids can help sort. Sometimes parents don’t realize how much the kids care. Extra money from recycling can also be saved for family-fun activities down the road.

Recycling is not limited to just the home; schools and businesses can also implement a program at their locations too. It’s easy! Set up a clearly marked recycling bin in your break rooms or next to trash cans. Then, create a fun contest to encourage people to recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

Going green is a lifestyle; don’t be shy to get in on the action. By making one change to our daily habits we can save natural resources, conserve energy and keep tons of unnecessary waste out of our landfills.

Click on the logo for a list of recycling locations in Roseville.

Are you already recycling at home, work or school? Send your picture to us at 1thingsacramento@entercom.com and we will feature it on our website.