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[ Charities @ Work: Making Collaboration Count ]

Charities @ Work: Making Collaboration Count

While 93%
of chief executives
around the world say that sustainability is “critical
to the future success of their companies,” putting such vision into practice
can be challenging. How can strong vision in the C-suite be implemented by the
entire workforce? And conversely, how can green leaders in the workforce get
executives to make sustainable changes?

In the meantime, climate change, biodiversity loss,
pervasive chemical use and other environmental issues are threatening our
future on this planet. We at EarthShare believe these challenges can only be
addressed if nonprofits reach out to companies and their workforces – and vice versa – to form alliances aimed at solving these and other societal

We’ve seen these alliances in action at EarthShare. Thanks
to thousands of workplace donors across the country, EarthShare supports
nonprofit organizations focusing on issues that range from providing efficiency
upgrades for buildings, to building new parks and protecting existing ones, to
working for cleaner air and water in our towns and cities. Companies with a
sustainability vision attract employees and investors, reduce risk and engage
customers better. Employees increasingly want to know that workplace values
align with their own and that their work is doing good for their communities
and the planet.

Part of our job is to develop, facilitate and support these private-public-nonprofit
sector partnerships. That’s why EarthShare is a proud co-sponsor and
participant in the 12th Annual Charities
@ Work Best Practices Summit on Employee Engagement in Corporate Citizenship
being held from April 2-4 in New York City. The Annual Charities @ Work Summit is
one of the country’s leading conferences on employee engagement. Attendees
include Fortune 500 companies across all sectors of business, each with
philanthropic and employee engagement programs of varying sizes and a
desire to collaborate on best practices.

Speakers will include CSR and other experts, all of whom will focus on discussing ways to produce better companies, better communities, and a better world. Are you a manager who wants to find out how charitable connections can enhance your company’s mission? Request an invitation to the Charities @ Work conference here.

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