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[ Green on the Go: Mobile Apps for the Environment ]

Green on the Go: Mobile Apps


Bring the environmental expertise of EarthShare’s member
charities with you on the go with these informative and entertaining
applications for your smart phone or tablet. You’ll be hiking the nearest trail
and making healthy eating choices at your neighborhood restaurant in no time —
with the confidence that you’re getting the facts from reliable sources!


Green Living:

Rippl is a free mobile app from Ocean Conservancy that helps you make
simple, sustainable choices by delivering weekly green living tips. You get to
customize a routine that fits your life, and you can opt to try it out for a
week or a month. Each tip is designed to conveniently help you transform your
habits, save money and live a greener, healthier life.  It even tracks your progress!

Download the Sierra
Eco Heroes application and make a pledge to become an Eco Hero.
You can choose from five green pledges, all of which can help reduce America’s
dependence on oil. The map will show which areas of the country are filling up
with pledges and which areas need more.

Featuring thousands of green companies, the National Green Pages® is the nation's
premier resource for conscious consumers. The smart phone apps for iPhone
or Android
from Green America deliver the full
National Green Pages experience, complete with one-touch local listings and
maps, events, and Facebook integration. Green America’s mobile suite also
includes the Green ID pack, which sends daily GreenDeals and tips straight to
Sprint Android users.



The science is in — pesticide residues remain on your food,
even after washing. What are the dangers of these pesticides? How much of this
stuff is really on the food we eat? Pesticide
Action Network's
new iPhone
–“What’s On My Food?”–puts
the answers at your fingertips.

effects of mercury on human health
are well-documented, and a recent report from
Sushithe International POPs Elimination Network and Biodiversity Research Institute indicates that mercury levels in fish regularly exceed health advisory guidelines. Safe Sushi is an app
from the Sierra Club for people who
love to eat sushi and want to be informed about which fish have high levels of
mercury.  The app can be used in two
ways: sushi novices can search by mercury level (high, moderate and low) and
sushi connoisseurs can search by the name of the fish.

Eating fresh, local ingredients make for the best-tasting
and healthiest dining. Find out what's in season in your state, locate nearby
farmers' markets anywhere in the United States, and check out seasonal recipes
with Natural Resources Defense Council’s
Local app

To help you make the most informed seafood choices while
shopping or eating out, Environmental
Defense Fund
introduced a unique way to get health and environmental
information for your favorite fish with their Seafood and Sushi Selectors To-Go app.


Wildlife &

As beautiful as it is helpful, Arbor Day’s What Tree Is That?
for iPhone uses a step-by-step approach to identify more than 250 trees in the U.S.
and Canada. Take a hike with your family and become tree experts together!

Explore beautiful frogs and their amazing world in the
Colombian Rainforest with Robin Moore, amphibian conservation officer at Conservation International, with the Fantastic
World of Frogs

If it crawls, slithers, wiggles, flies, swims, bites,
burrows, or hops, it can be found in one or more of
Splash_wildflowersthe Audubon Nature Guides.
Great for birdwatching, hiking and exploring the outdoors, these mobile guides
feature high quality photographs, range maps, animal sounds and the ability to
create your own “lifelists” and record sightings. Browse
them all here

National Parks
Conservation Association’s
interactive field guide to the wildlife of 100
national parks includes all the birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians you'll
encounter while visiting a park. It will even help you identify native trees
and wildflowers. Download
the field guide here

Interact with the world around you by exploring photos and local
nature preserves; you’ll also get Nature Conservancy magazine's
digital edition with these
mobile apps

Track your progress on the trail, find bikeshops and upload
photos with Rails-to-Trails
forthcoming TrailLink mobile app.

First time at the National
in Washington, D.C.? This
interactive map
will help you navigate the 163-acre park like a true
Zoo Guide!  Locate animal exhibits and
get demonstration schedules; find special children’s activities; test your knowledge
against their index of Zoo animal facts and figures; and more.

Experience the world’s most amazing animals in one app. World Wildlife Fund's "Together" for iPad brings you closer to the stories of elephants,
whales, rhinos and other fascinating species. Discover their lives and
the work of WWF in a way you’ve never seen before.



The Natural Resources
Defense Council
, Facebook and Opower joined with 16 utilities to launch a social
energy app
that allows users to start benchmarking their home’s energy
usage against similar homes, compare energy use with friends, enter
energy-saving competitions, and share tips on how to become more energy



Learn cool bird facts, become a star nature photographer, help
Ranger Rick solve a mummy mystery, and much more in one of the National Wildlife Federation’s apps for kids.

Designed to educate children ages 8 through 12 about the
interconnection between plants and animals in the Amazonian rainforest, Rainforest Alliance’s Rainforest
Survival Challenge
offers thought-provoking information about a variety of
native species that live in one of the Earth’s most fascinating and delicate


Do you have your own
favorite green mobile apps?  Share them with
us in the comments section below, or tell us about them on Facebook and Twitter!

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